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Three By Perec - Georges Perec Reading Perec is like attending a college classroom. With one major difference: you really have to give yourself in, not because you have an exam but because you really don't want to miss anything.

This is a very clever book and it is not for everybody, some readers may find it unreadable especially when they hit the second story. Nevertheless I enjoyed reading this.

Never Any End to Paris - Enrique Vila-Matas Ahh, why did not i come across this book when I stayed in Paris for a month? Truly enjoyable book which starts and nets perfectly, I wish I could give 6, 7, 8 stars to this book. Enrique Vila Matas fictinonilzes himself back in time, when he was writing the Lettered Assasin. I wish there was an English translation of that book. You get so much insight for this book in Never any End to Paris, and Hemingway. You get to learn so many little things.

I don't remember any book I read before I highlighted so much. Absolutely a wonderful book that became one of my favorites. Other reviewers here made a good job explaining what this book is about already so I just don't want to get into the details too much. I deliberately took my time reading this book because there are so many things to think about or discuss about. Simply amazing book!
Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell Oh how I wish i could give 0 stars to this book. It just does not even deserve it. I read some of the reviews here about how brilliant this book is. I patiently read, read and read page after page. Not only it bored the hell out of me but the book lost its substance over time. Sonmi story was exciting before chapter 6 and it fall apart after that. The book is about more of its form than its stories altogether. I had such difficulty reading chapter 6 and by the time I finished with it, I forgot what had taken place earlier. No I am sorry even the idea of the book was so bad. Let me write a book with some stories with a musical do re mi fa sol la si do fashion and make it sound like a brilliant idea. I genuinely hated this book because I dedicated my time so much into it believing that it will get better but it did not and it failed me as a reader to appreciate this book. There is no brilliancy in wasting someone's time with the premise of presenting a book for its form but not it's substance.
Ficciones - Jorge Luis Borges, Anthony Bonner, Anthony Kerrigan This book is awesome, it takes time to read the book because there is a lot in there to consume. All short stories are really interesting to read and I found myself reading twice some of them. it is not a dangerous book if taken small doses at a time.
The Shadow of the Wind - Lucia Graves, Carlos Ruiz Zafón To me, this book was such a let down, it was written beautifully, it kept you engaging , page by page. If Fermin did not exist in this book, it would probably harder for me to read it. I have not read any other books by Mr. Zafon but I'll keep reading his other books. It was a let down because I did not find the main character as lively as the Fermin character and did not find him likeable.